Assessments & hearings


Assessment Type:
Planning scheme amendment
Launceston City Council
Insert Resource Development as a permitted use class in the Light and General Industrial zones and amend the Parking and Sustainable Transport Code
Current Status:
Public hearing(s) scheduled

Detailed description
Insert Resource development as a Permitted use class in Table 24.2 of the Light Industrial zone and Table 25.2 of the General Industrial zone to allow for controlled environmental agriculture (crop raising).

Insert Controlled environmental agricultural as a sub-use class of Resource development in Table E6.1 of the Parking and Sustainable Transport Code to allow for 1 car parking space per employee and no requirement for bicycle parking.

Current status
Hearing scheduled for Tuesday 6 March 2018. For more information on the hearing or to view any further submissions received, select the Hearings tab above.

03/11/2017 Section 39 report on representations received from Council.
No representations received.